M/M Fantasy Romance from J. C. Owens

Gaven_TheBonding_ByJCOwens-200x300Gaven: The Bonding
Series: The Gaven Series Book Two
Author Name: J. C. Owens
Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel
Word Count: 50422
Page Count: 215
Price: 4.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-55-0
Release Date: 2020-05-28

He is learning to survive, both in the bed and on the battlefield.

Gaven must come to terms with his new life bonded to Vlar, his eramon and trainer in both bed and battlefield. The one who would make him a man, a trained soldier worthy of his royal bloodline. But Gaven both hates and admires Vlar, who has trained many men in exactly the same fashion. Worse, he finds himself wanting more, wanting to mean something to Vlar far more than all those others. Something special and singular. He wants to understand the mystery of Vlar and his ruthless and powerful race, the Finnarians.

Vlar is a legend, highly skilled and merciless. He is the last of his kind that remained behind after the great wars, the others having returned to their distant lands far from humans. Vlar is a dangerous mystery, but a mystery Gaven is determined to reveal. Yet, the struggle is far from easy, and his old life has been completely destroyed. This new world and bond remains strange to Gaven, and the love between males is something that both fascinates and frightens him. He wants the same passion, and yet he yearns for so much more with the Finnarian who has claimed him. When Gaven is suddenly attacked and taken from Vlar, he must fight for his life and a return to everything he had once resisted and now so desperately loves.

Reader note: Previously released. Reader discretion strongly advised: contains intense emotional elements and male male love

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