Spicy New MMM Romance from Zia Quinn!

OmegaBound_ByZiaQuinn-200x300Omega Bound: MMM Menage Romance
Zia Quinn
Genre: MMM Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 35585
Page Count: 172
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-42-0
Release Date: 2020-02-15

A desperate omega with a risky plan finds an alpha and his mate who can teach him the meaning of love…

Dax is a lone wolf and an alpha, although he wants no pack. He lives with Vaughn, a wealthy and handsome mage that Dax turned into a wolf with his bite. Only they have a big problem these days. Vaughn’s magic reacted badly with the wolf change and went haywire, turning Vaughn into a mirror image of Dax. Now there are two identical alphas, and people are starting to believe Dax killed Vaughn to take his wealth. Vaughn knows they need a third partner as a vessel to change himself back, but he’s surprised to find an omega named Cade is the perfect choice. Except the clever omega has his own agenda. Cade is scheming to uncover the truth about Vaughn’s fate by using Dax and then appeasing his own pack with Vaughn’s riches…

Cade is desperate to move his way up in his abusive pack and escape the torment of being the omega. He’s planning to seduce Dax and find out what the lone wolf has done with Vaughn to claim his money and mansion. Only the Dax that Cade meets isn’t the real Dax, and the true alpha quickly turns the tables on him. The omega wolf ends up bound to Dax after a night of three-way passion. The two wolves begin to teach the omega the real meaning of love, family, and pack. But Cade’s previous alpha doesn’t take losing his omega kindly…

Reader note: contains M/M/M menage and hot romance elements including wolf shifters, male/male love, and paranormal romance themes

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