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AnimalInstinct-LeaCruz-200x300Animal Instinct: MMF Menage Romance
Lea Cruz
Genre: MMF Menage Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 37379
Page Count: 156
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-41-3
Release Date: 2020-01-10

When instincts take over, the passion goes wild…

Lina Rodriguez is having one of the worst and best days of her life. She’s an animal lover with a job walking dogs for wealthy pet owners. But when a sudden accident leads to a rush to the vet, Lina meets the sexy Ryan Harmon. Ryan saves the Chihuahua in peril, impressing her and the dog’s owner, Ernesto Villareal. Ernesto is the gorgeous owner of a successful vineyard, and the heat between the three of them is undeniable. Soon temptation leads to a night of scorching-hot passion. But she quickly learns things aren’t as simple as they seem…

Ryan has had his eye on the curvy, warm-hearted Lina for a long time. The lush Latina is everything he desires in a woman, but he’s always been bisexual too. So when he saves Ernesto’s dog and discovers Ernesto is also into men, it feels as if the three of them were meant to be together. Only Ernesto is hiding something big from them both. And when Ryan learns the truth, it threatens to tear their fledgling threesome apart.

Ernesto might run his family’s vineyard, but he’s made his own billions as an angel investor. Only money can’t solve the problems popping up in his life. Just as he finds two wonderful lovers seemingly made for him, everything is thrown into chaos. An article appears in the paper claiming he’s engaged to a woman he’s only met once. Now he looks like a two-timing liar and he might lose the two people who are coming to mean everything to him. The best sex in the world can’t save a relationship sabotaged by lies.

Reader note: contains m/m/f ménage elements, hot romance scenes, BBW and billionaires, interracial/multicultural romance, and male male love

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