New MMF Menage Romance by Cari Griffin!

CookieNookie_ByCari-Griffin-200x300Cookie Nookie: MMF Menage Romance
Cari Griffin
MMF Menage Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 59418
Page Count: 232
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-29-1
Release Date: 9-10-2019

Two gorgeous men, a curvy woman with a cookie shop, and a whole lot of sugar…

Rebecca Johnson runs Cookie Nookie, a tiny cookie shop with a catchy name. But after a bad year for tourism and a huge industrial bakery opening nearby, things are looking as grim as her love life. When she heads to a baking tradeshow to find new clients, she comes face to face with two stunning men. The first, Liam Collins, is handsome, laidback, and charming, with a smile that warms her all the way through. The second, Jack Meacham, is attractive, wealthy, and turns out to be the biggest jerk on the planet. He owns the very bakery that’s threatening to drive her out of business and he’s Liam’s lover, stealing the gorgeous man from all of womankind (and from her most of all). How could she ever forgive either of those sins?

Jack Meacham is a billionaire businessman looking to bring good jobs back to his hometown. But after meeting Rebecca at a tradeshow, the woman turns out to be nothing but a headache. Her cookie samples are delicious, he’ll give her that. But she believes he’s trying to drive her out of business. And when he causally offers to buy one of her tasty recipes, she takes it completely wrong. He might be bisexual, but some women aren’t worth the trouble. Except that Liam, the man he loves with all his heart, feels exactly the opposite about the troublesome woman who owns the shop with the silly name…

Liam is as laidback as they come, and why not? Life is good. He either spends his time on his sailing yacht or finding ways to give his fortune away to good causes. He’s been in love with Jack Meacham for years now, with both of them bringing the occasional woman into their lives for short-but-sweet threesomes. But the instant Liam lays eyes on Rebecca, he is smitten. She’s lovable, warm, kind, and her curves stir him in all the right ways. But now comes the hard part. Jack and Rebecca do not get along, even though the physical chemistry between the three of them is hotter than an oven. If Liam’s going to bring the man he adores together with the woman he desires, he’ll have to take drastic measures. And he might only have one chance to get this right…

Reader note: contains MMF menage, BBW and billionaires, hot romance elements, male male love, plenty of cookies, and a happily ever after

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