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Apres-SkiForThree_ByEvaMoon-200x300Apres-Ski for Three
Eva Moon
Genre: MMF Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 34647
Page Count: 157
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-13-0
Release Date: 2018-11-25

A menage hot enough to melt the snowpack…

Andrea Clark has been saving for her Aspen ski trip for over a year, and nothing’s going to ruin it…until an obnoxious drunk gets handsy with her at the bar. A sexy-as-sin, ex-military bodyguard named Steven Dixon intervenes to help her, bouncing the drunk before she can stab the guy with her shrimp fork. It turns out Steven is the bodyguard for billionaire Bryce Rhodes…and the charming billionaire is every bit as gorgeous as Steven. When Bryce invites her to join them on the ski slopes, she can’t turn down the chance to have fun with two handsome, captivating men. Besides, this might lead to the perfect après-ski—socializing after a day on the slopes—for three… One that promises to be completely unforgettable.

Bryce Rhodes is a Harvard-educated, private money manager who has turned his family’s ill fortunes around and become one of the hottest billionaires in the country. He’s in love with Steven, but one look at Andrea’s enchanting smile and her generous curves and both men are smitten. She’s perfect for them, and the nights the three of them share are hot enough to melt the coldest ice. But when Bryce’s ex-wife shows up at the luxury resort, it’s clear she is looking for trouble. His ex only married him for the money, but she was mortified when Bryce took Steven as a lover after their divorce. Now his ex is scheming to ruin a perfect winter vacation—and a perfect winter love—for once and for all.

After retiring from the Special Forces, Steven Dixon began working as a bodyguard to the rich and famous. He’s been guarding Bryce for three years now and sleeping with him for one. He knows it’s risky, but he can’t give it up. He’s never known another man like Bryce—the first man he was ever with, the first one who ever tempted him. Women like Andrea were more his type, and Andrea in particular pushes all his buttons in all the right ways. It almost seems greedy to want both Bryce and Andrea, but how can a simple man resist? But getting involved with his client and the gorgeous, curvy Andrea might put all three of them in jeopardy. Because Bryce’s ex is willing to do whatever it takes to get even…

Reader note: contains MMF bisexual menage, BBW heroines, billionaires, hot romance elements, male male love, and a happily ever after

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