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ClaimedAndTamed-ByZiaQuinn-200x300Claimed and Tamed: MMM Paranormal Romance
Zia Quinn
Genre: MMM Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 37213
Page Count: 177
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-09-3
Release Date: 2018-10-23

A dominant werewolf and his lover find a human to claim. Now they must teach him to be a man worthy of their love…

When John Turner, a desperate man on the run, tries to steal a truck from a Wyoming ranch, he quickly gets more than he bargained for. He’s caught by two werewolves after he destroys their fence and wrecks their truck trying to escape. The gorgeous shifter named Mason wants to take the destruction out of his hide. But Nathan, the big, muscular alpha, tells John he’s going to have to make right all the damage he’s done. If John doesn’t, he’s going straight to jail. John agrees, but he’s not ready for the hard work needed at a ranch. Nathan seems determined to make a better person of him. The dominate alpha’s rules, restrictions, and caring all give John the discipline—and love—he’s always craved…

As an alpha werewolf, Nathan Hill is used to being obeyed. He’s been in love with Mason Smith for years, but this troublesome human thief has just thrown a wrench into the works. First, he needs to teach this human male to obey. After that, he intends to teach John how to be a good man who works hard and protects the weak. But both Nathan and Mason are surprised when John sticks with it, and the passion between the three of them quickly moves from a simmer to a boil…

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