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FindingTheirTreasure-ByCariGriffin-200x300Finding Their Treasure: MMF Menage Romance
Cari Griffin
Genre: MMF Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 39741
Page Count: 161
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-949719-01-7
Release Date: 2018-09-13

One lost diamond, two sexy treasure hunters, and a girl who’s determined to have it all…

Holly Taylor has spent her life researching the mystery her father left behind. Somewhere in the bottom of the Atlantic is her father’s yacht with a priceless diamond trapped inside. But no one believes she’s the daughter of a famous treasure hunter, and no one believes she’s deciphered his clues leading to the lost diamond. At least until she meets the gorgeous Jake Walker, a professional diver and treasure hunter who finally gives her the chance she desperately needs. Jake’s partner and lover is Bryce Harrison, the wealthy captain of their tricked-out salvage ship. But setting out on an expedition with the two dangerously sexy men soon has her struggling to resist temptation. Anyone can see how much Jake and Bryce love each other, so she knows fantasizing about them is a waste of time. But the two men are bisexual…and interested in her as well. Why resist temptation when they promise her the wildest, most unforgettable night of her life? And that’s only the beginning…

Jake and Bryce have been treasure hunting together for years. Bryce loves the adventure, feeling most alive out on the open sea. But recently Jake has wanted to slow down and enjoy all the money they’ve made together, even if it means giving up the treasure hunting life. When the curvy and beautiful Holly comes sailing into their world, both men are instantly drawn to her. They want to help her…and they want to have her. But tensions strain everything as Jake wants to focus on romancing Holly, and Bryce wants to focus on finding her the diamond so she can put her past behind her. When it turns out Holly might be caught up in a deception, the entire expedition, and their new-found love, is suddenly at risk.

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements, BBW and billionaires, and male/male love

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