Editors Wanted! 8-30-2018

Editors Wanted

We’re looking for a few good romance editors to join our team. If you know and love emotional, heart-pounding romance and are a master of “content” issues, such as story craft, plot structure, character development, pacing, point of view, dialogue, as well as the basics of line editing for grammar, style, and voice, we should talk.

We’re looking for freelance romance editors with specific experience in and love of:

  • erotic romance, including MF and menage (Required) and
  • MM and other LGBT+ romance, all heat levels (Required)
  • Historical Romance, specifically Highlander and Medieval (Would be Nice, but Not Required)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Previous publisher experience with genre romance fiction required. No exceptions.
  • An up-to-date computer with professional-quality antivirus software (no freeware), secure internet connection, and email.
  • MS Word 2007 or later (no exceptions!)
  • Familiarity with using track changes and comments across versions of MS Word and an understanding of various views may change, i.e., when documents open with changes hidden or in edit-only mode, etc.
  • Expert knowledge of and current paid subscriptions to Chicago Manual of Style 16th/17th Edition and MW Collegiate 11th Edition ONLY. AP, MLA, MW free version, spell check, and proofing software are NOT sufficient (and yes, we’ll notice. Management handles all proofing).
  • Willingness to do two rounds of live edits. That means reading the book, not using proofing programs. We have them all and know their output. If your goal is simply to run books through several layers of macros or “machine edits,” this is not the gig for you.
  • Daily (or nightly) email availability, Monday through Friday only (any time zone)
  • Current availability for editing assignments
  • The ability to make deadlines. If your situation makes it hard for you to make deadlines, we totally get it. But this won’t be the gig for you.

If you’re looking for regular editing work, no project management, no author stables to manage, no book formatting or other unpaid “extras,” and you like to get paid in full on receipt of the final manuscript, then this might be the perfect editing gig for you. You’ll handle most edits in two rounds and turn in a final, galley-ready document. We handle all the back-and-forth with the author and send you each round of edits as they come in.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, let’s talk. Send your resume of relevant editing experience, including past and current publishers, and your desired rate of pay VIA EMAIL ONLY to Managing Editor @etopia-press.net. Please DO NOT reply by Facebook Message.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the team!

About etopiapress

Etopia Press is an electronic publishing house dedicated to readers and authors. We're looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there -- and we know they're out there. By taking advantage of emerging electronic markets and media, as well as existing online and print opportunities, we can provide readers with a wider variety of books and ideas, and give authors an opportunity to get the best editing and cover art in the business. The only requirement: the book has to be good. Good plots, interesting characters, engaging conflicts, well-crafted prose. Write a good book, and people will want to read it.
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