New MMF Romance from Kat Logan!

RidingHigh-ByKatLogan-200x300Riding High
Kat Logan
MMF Menage Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 32560
Page Count: 153
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-947135-99-4
Release Date: 2018-08-17

Two secret lovers, a reporter who caught them in a kiss, and the photo that could tear their worlds apart.

When sexy motocross rider Hunter Jones comes to town for a big race, Mira Mercer is determined to cover the event for the small town paper. She’s going to interview Hunter one way or the other, and she believes scoring a big interview with the hard-partying sex symbol will be her ticket to a prestigious newspaper. But she gets more than she bargains for when she catches Hunter, the dreamboat of crushing fangirls, locked in an embrace with Logan Ewing, the billionaire businessman who happens to own the paper where Mira works. Both men are unaware of what she’s seen, but now she has a real headline bombshell on her hands and the sizzling photo to prove it. But when the two gorgeous, irresistible men draw her into their world and make her a part of the passion they share, she’s hit with second thoughts. Is this something deeper than a night of scorching-hot passion? Is it worth giving up her dreams forever?

Alex loves three things, winning motocross races, partying hard, and more than anything, Logan, the man trying to save him from the worst of his bad boy traits. But because of his public persona, he doesn’t dare reveal that he’s been in a relationship with Logan for years. And while Logan owns mansions, companies, jets, and Hunter’s racing team, the thing he cares most about is his star rider. But when they meet the curvy and driven Mira, everything changes. They both want her in their bed and their lives, but opening their hearts also opens them to betrayal. And when a secret gets out, there’s no going back…

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements, curvy heroines, sexy billionaires, and male/male love

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