New M/M Fantasy Romance by Xander Tracy!

A Prince’s Hostage
Xander Tracy
Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 33676
Page Count: 141
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-947135-77-2
Release Date: 2018-04-26

This thief has only one chance to steal the prince’s heart…

Elliyan was never anything more than a thief. A good one. So how can he pass up the chance to steal the priceless signet necklace worn by Rayne Baalor, the crown prince, when he first lays eyes on the stunningly handsome man? Unfortunately, he misjudges the prince as simply another clueless royal and suddenly finds himself locked in a prison cell. But instead of having Elliyan hauled to the nearest gallows, Prince Rayne intends to make use of his special talent for breaking through the magic of blood wards. Rayne wants Elliyan to break through his father’s wards, kill the brutal king, and save their kingdom from ruin. Elliyan can either agree to be Rayne’s body slave until Rayne can get him close enough to the king…or he can hang. Although he’s held hostage by the threat of a noose around his neck, Elliyan soon finds the prince as intriguing as he is attractive. There are worse fates than serving—and seducing—a man of Rayne’s power and wealth, or at least until Elliyan can finally escape. Only the more time he spends with the prince, the less he wants to escape…

Rayne knows his father has turned into a dangerous, unpredictable tyrant whose paranoia has dragged the kingdom into an unwinnable war. He would set things right himself, but his father’s ward magic is fueled by the blood of Rayne’s sister and nephews and will redirect any harm meant for the king toward them. But Elliyan’s unique immunity to wards gives Rayne the perfect chance to save the rest of the royal family and the kingdom. Only the prince didn’t foresee coming to like the charming rogue as a friend…and something more. The man is mischievous, smart, and more than eager in bed. Soon the prince fears he’s turning into a love-struck fool for his hostage, the man he bound to his side by the threat of a noose. If the prince risks his heart, he risks the kingdom. But keeping his desire to himself is no longer an option once Elliyan is past the wards Rayne has set around his heart.

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