New MMF Romance by Sierra Riker

DirtyLittleSecrets-BySierraRiker-200x300Dirty Little Secrets: MMF Menage Romance
Sierra Riker
Genre: MMF Menage Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 29290
Page Count: 132
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-947135-70-3
Release Date: 2018-03-20

What happens when the bad boys are innocent?

After losing a few high-profile cases, defense attorney Lily Alden’s career is on the verge of destruction. So when she gets the news Nick Prescott, her ex-boyfriend, has been arrested for a huge digital bank heist, she’s sure it’s a mistake. Getting Nick off will be a slam dunk, giving her a win she desperately needs. And it’ll give her a chance to maybe see what happens now that they both have some real life under their belts. What she doesn’t expect is to find that Nick has a partner—Jackson Reece, a gorgeous hacker who’s been more than just a work partner. And that both men seem to be equally eager to make—or renew—their acquaintance.

Nick has always been bisexual, but he’s never forgotten Lily, even after things fell apart. The fire, the passion, the need is still there, but after spending years with Jackson, he’s not sure what to do. They’ve built a life together hacking into negligent corporations to out their dirty little secrets—corporate malfeasance, endangering the environment and their workers—and bring justice to the victims. But they certainly didn’t hack into a bank and rob it. Someone’s trying to frame them, and while Nick’s not sure seeing Lily is a good thing, he knows he needs someone he trusts to help them.

After growing up in a rough part of the city, Jackson Reece is a man used to taking care of himself—and Nick. But when he finds himself drawn to Lily, he’s certain the world has gone nuts. He’s been trying to get Nick out of their risky corporate game for some time, and Lily might just be the kind of change they need. The three of them share something special, and it’s not just the amazing sex. But with a prison sentence hanging over their heads, time is running out. And Nick has dirty little secrets of his own that just might ruin everything…

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements including male male love

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