A Thrilling New Novel in the Guardian Witch World!

EmbersOfFire_ByAllyShields-200x300Embers of Fire
Guardian Witch Legacy Book One
Ally Shields

A chilling prophecy. A child in danger.

Following the defeat of the vampire elders, Guardian and fire witch Arianna Calin and vampire prince Andreas De Luca are considering moving to his estates in Italy to raise their daughter in its idyllic setting. As if being descended from two powerful witch bloodlines wasn’t challenging enough, Rayne was born with a mysterious star tattoo on her shoulder. Her parents suspect she is the Chosen mentioned in the Star of Esielen prophecy. But that’s something to worry about in the distant future. Isn’t it? After all, their child may be precocious, but she is only five.

Then the murders begin. The stench of demonkin lingers at the scene, and the latest victim has a star carved on her forehead…an obvious threat to Rayne. Someone is seeking to change the prophecy long before the foretold events. But who would attack a child? And who is strong enough to hold the reins of the demon minions on this side of a hidden portal?

Suspicious events point in more than one direction, the new vampiress in town with secrets of her own, a werehyena leader whose abnormal luck at the poker table in Andreas’s new casino coincides with the demon attacks. Or maybe it’s the rival vampire prince who descends on Olde Town without warning. Setting aside any plans for a quiet life, Ari and Andreas take on the demonic killers. While Rayne may someday have to meet her destiny alone, it’s up to them to make sure she’s ready…and to keep her alive.

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