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maggiesmates_byalexafox-200x300Maggie’s Mates
Logan’s Wolves Book One
Alexa Fox
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 37246
Page Count: 177
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-82-0
Release Date: 1-25-2017

A werewolf P.I. A reluctant alpha. And a jaguar princess who just wants to mate…

Maggie Marsh was at the Bayside Club for one reason and one reason only: to mate. As a jaguar shifter, and worse, jaguar royalty, she’s kept on a very tight leash. Particularly since her parents are trying to arrange a royal match. But she’s in heat—and the burning, throbbing need to find someone to mate with is too powerful to resist. So when the sexy wolf shifter plows into her and nearly knocks her over, she can’t believe her luck. Logan Kane is tall, gorgeous, and so sexy she’s dripping with desire. She’s determined to have him, until she meets the second wolf of the evening, the charming Matthew Mason, a private investigator who informs her that Logan Kane is more than he appears.

Matthew’s had a crush on Logan since their school days. But Matthew’s not a high-ranking wolf, and Logan’s father was the alpha—until Logan’s brother Zane killed him and usurped control of the pack. A duty that should have fallen to Logan. There’s no chance a should-be alpha would pay a bit of attention to someone like Matthew. But he has other fantasies besides those involving Logan—fantasies of being with a woman, fantasies of being with a cat shifter. So as the beautiful, black haired jaguar puts the moves on him, he’s not about to turn her down.

Logan wants nothing to do with being the alpha or dealing with pack politics. He just wants to leave the country to escape the half million dollar bounty Zane has placed on his head—for his delivery to Zane, dead or alive. But when Matthew’s partner winds up dead in the parking lot, and somebody starts shooting, it becomes clear that Maggie and Matthew have made themselves targets as well. Thrown together to escape Zane’s assassins, Maggie begins to realize the three of them have something else in common—their animals have all claimed each other as mates. A ménage relationship would be complicated enough, but mixing wolves and cats? The threeway sex is so hot, she doesn’t care that they’re wolves. And Matthew can’t believe he’s finally with Logan. But when things go sideways and Logan has to step up and take control, he teaches Maggie why even a jaguar princess must obey her alpha, and teaches her that a good spanking can be oh, so good…

Contains MMF ménage, including male male love, spanking, and hot romance elements intended for adults

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