New Releases for 12-15-2015!

Cross Keys: Unity
Elvenrude Book Three
Ally Shields
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Word Count: 84,231
Page Count: 382
Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-34-9
Release Date: 12-25-2015

A race to the edge of annihilation…

Despite an ongoing rebellion in their Elven homeland, Kam and Seth have scheduled their long-awaited promise ceremony for the night of the Winter Solstice. After a deadly explosion in New Orleans has left the fate of criminal Jermon Lormarc uncertain, the rebellion quickly escalates into kidnappings and arson, and the widespread theft of ancient human artifacts forces the Elven king to reveal secrets kept for thousands of years.

When a spirit woman predicts a catastrophic end to Jermon’s quest for artifacts, Kam, Seth, and Prince Trystan of Cyrilia set out on a worldwide hunt to stop him. Back in Elvenrude, Kam’s sister Esty and Seth’s cousin Rhyden, having recently ended their relationship, track the rebels while fighting an attraction that won’t be ignored.

Everything is on the line. No one can hold back. The future…or nothing…awaits…

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Shift Work
I Heart Shifters Book Two
Christy Gissendaner
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 24,056
Page Count: 131
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-33-2
Release Date: 12/25/2015

The shift is about to hit the fan…

Ty Harris thought he’d left trouble behind when he departed the Blood Wolves, a special paramilitary unit, and opened a biker bar. Unfortunately for him, trouble comes with a capital T in the form of one sassy, fast-talking brunette who gets under his skin in a way no human should be able to.

Tolly Hollister has a plan in life. Namely to annoy Ty Harris to no end, all the while denying her attraction to the guy she’s known most of her life. But her plans are sidelined when she’s caught in the middle of an all-out attack on Ty and his revolutionary invention. Oh, and did he forget to mention the little bitty tidbit about being a freaking werewolf?

To protect his uber-secret firewall, Ty is prepared to pull out all the stops, including introducing Tolly to a world she wasn’t prepared to face. Can he save his invention and win the girl at the same time? Only time will tell, but time is the one thing Ty doesn’t have left…

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SoakedInPleasure-ByJRichards-200x300Soaked in Pleasure
The Wet Series Book Two
J. Richards
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 24,617
Page Count: 115
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-32-5
Release Date: 12/25/2015

Can a Dominant man keep her hot and happy?

Jessica Price is has been firmly taken in hand by the dominant Dillon Wade—and she’s loving every second of it. Having left her unappreciative boyfriend, Joey, and moved in with Dillon, he keeps her on her toes as she learns what it means to be a true submissive to the hot, motorcycle-riding alpha male.

Dillon opens her world to a whole new set of mind-blowing experiences. A motorcycle ride through the countryside while she sits on his lap… All the wonderfully wicked devices he keeps in his toy room… The way a spanking from him sets her body on fire…

But her ex-boyfriend is not ready to let her go. He believes she’s only teasing him by being with Dillon—playing a game as the ultimate way to turn him on. When Dillon moves all of Jessica’s things to his place, Joey finally realizes she has actually left him for his neighbor…and now he’s capable of anything.

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