New Releases for 11-13-2015!

TheFalling-ByJCOwens-200x300The Falling
J. C. Owens
Genre: M/M Romance/Fantasy
Length: Novel
Word Count: 61,493
Page Count: 293
Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-20-2
Release Date: 11-13-2015

Once a proud warrior, now a demon’s whore.

Brenaith had once been a warrior of renown, companion to the King of Artepia. Now he suffered in captivity as a demon’s whore, his country overrun by a race his people had not believed existed. Driven to the edge of madness by his tortures, the final blow comes when his master, a demon lord, gifts him as a blood servant to a Shadow Knight, Shaynith-una, a monster of legend that destroys even souls. Brenaith does not expect to survive the bonding by Shaynith-una, who is rumored to hold divine blood and is held in awe by other demons.

But with time he begins to see Shaynith-una as more than the monster he is reputed to be. The knight is a demi-god. Half demon god, half elf, the son of rape and darkness, mind taken and molded by his demonic deity father. And Brenaith’s fate and hope are both bound to Shaynith-una for good or for ill.

Can Brenaith break Shaynith-una’s conditioning and discover what and who really lies behind the knight’s facade…or will darkness always rule?

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DrenchedinDominance_ByJRichards-200x300Drenched in Dominance
J. Richards
Genre: BDSM Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 29,131
Page Count: 139
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-944138-21-9
Release Date: 11-13-2015

The Wet Series Book One

The Dom Next Door…

Jessica is drowning in her unhappy relationship. Her boyfriend Joey gladly handles the chores and the cooking in exchange for her willingness to allow him to bring his friends into their bedroom. While at first she has no real objections to the games Joey wants her to play, she’s still never satisfied. That is, until Dillon moves in next door. The big, sexy Dominant pushes his way into her head and takes over her thoughts until she can think of nothing but him. Joey is willing to let Dillon join their fun, but that isn’t what Dillon wants. He wants Jessica all to himself—his perfect submissive. And Jessica knows before he can teach her to find satisfaction, she’ll have to learn how to trust…

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