Ménage Monday!

Do you just dread Mondays??

Need Monday to be more exciting?!

Grab a lil ménage a trois reading, forget about it being Monday and enjoy it like it’s Friday!!

ThePleasurePrinciple_ByKimberlyAdkins-200x300The Pleasure Principle
Kimberly Adkins
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Novel
Word Count: 49442
Page Count: 226
Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-941692-80-6
Release Date: 05-22-2015

Warnings: Contains menage, light BDSM

They’ve never let a woman come between them. Until now.

Anderson Cain and Edgar Brax have been best friends since college, two men with very strict—and very different—approaches to finding love: one by studying the physical act of sex, the other by mastering the art of dominance and control. But throughout their relationship, one thing has remained a constant: They’ve never let a woman come between them. Until now.

Shy and mousy Alice Dahl spends her days cleaning houses for clients who value discretion. In her bulky uniform, glasses, and cap, she appears non-descript and unobtrusive, and does her job without asking questions. Until she begins working for the secretive, and stunningly gorgeous, Dr. Anderson Cain, who awakens a sexual longing in her that she can’t ignore. A new woman comes home with Dr. Cain nearly once a month—and that’s about how long they last. Alicia longs to have a chance to be with him, even though she knows that’s ridiculous. But when her curiosity lures her into his forbidden study, she can’t resist peeking at his notes. And what she finds astounds her. Dr. Cain is researching the subject of sexual pleasure. Even just skimming over the experiments arouses her as he describes each subject’s threshold of pleasure and the methods used to achieve climax. And she finds the venue where he meets his subjects: Damsels, a secretive BDSM club in the heart of the French Quarter.

Determined to take a chance, for once, Alice embarks on a masquerade into the exclusive New Orleans underworld of Dominants and submissives. Her stunning makeover gains her admittance at Damsels, but the owner of the Club, Edgar Brax, senses her innocence the moment he sees her. The Dom inside him feels a powerful and all-consuming need to protect her and make her his own. Until he finds out that the girl he’s set his heart upon is his friend Anderson’s next subject. They’ve never let a woman come between them before. Perhaps this time, they might enjoy it…

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ValentineHeat-IV-200x300-2Valentines Heat IV
Anne Lange, Nikki Dee Houston, Arianna Archer
Genre: Erotic Romance/Menage
Length: Anthology
Word Count: 32,335
Page Count: 124
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-941692-54-7
Heat Level: 4
Warnings: Contains ménage elements and light BDSM
Release Date: 2/6/2015

“The Perfect Moment” by Anne Lange
The Vault Series: Friends & More, Book 1.5

Angela O’Neil has been waiting for the perfect moment to share a secret with her two husbands, and Valentine’s Day is it. But things take a turn for the worse when she sees red. Is she about to lose the one thing that would complete their three-way bond?

“Flight of Fancy” by Nikki Dee Houston

Thrown together in a cramped airplane, Frankie and James have exactly four hours to get the sexual attraction out of their system. And why shouldn’t they? They’re never going to see each other again. Until they realize they’re both flying in for the same family wedding…and that they’re going to be part of that same family…

“Ruby’s Valentine” by Arianna Archer

The very last thing Officer Jude Cole wanted to do was arrest the love of his life for murder. Though Ruby had run out on Jude years ago, he’d never stopped carrying a torch for her. She’d recently come back to town, but she wasn’t alone. Now Jude is forced to arrest Ruby for shooting the husband everyone knew abused her. Jude hadn’t been able to capture Ruby’s restless heart then…could he bring himself to cage her now?

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