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Meet Author Selena Illyria…


Please welcome Selena Illyria, writer of scorching hot romances, who has an upcoming release with Etopia Press titled Roman, book one in the Fallen Lovers Series. Great to have you here, Selena.

First, I’d like to get down to the juicy stuff. Tell us a previously unrevealed secret about Selena Illyria.

Selena Illyria: I love television. Show me something on how Russia became the country it is today and I’ll find a plot bunny somewhere in there. Modern reboot of Sherlock Holmes? I’m there with popcorn. You have a show about a detective who’s going through a cat and mouse game with a female killer with enough sexual tension between them to burn the sun and I’m ready to go. The latest episode of Supernatural? Yup, watching it, rewatching and analyzing it while waiting for the next episode to come on.

Annie: Where did the inspiration for Roman come from?

Selena Illyria: I decided I wanted to do a Fallen Angel story. Once that happened I began to get a story about a woman who dreamed of a lover but never saw his face.

Annie: Is the first time you’ve written about fallen angels? What makes your bad boy angels so alluring?

Selena Illyria: Yes. I loved the series Hex, and Azazeal, the main character, was very sexy. Only he was evil. I wanted my guys to be good guys who, for various reasons, fell back to Earth.

Annie: What do readers have to look forward to in the Fallen Lovers Series?

Selena Illyria: Sexy love scenes and great characters.

Annie: What other little shadows lurk in your closet? Inquiring minds want to know!

Selena Illyria: I can’t write without music although sometimes the tone of the music may not fit the scene. I’ve written sex scenes to angry metal. My characters seem to like that. LOL

Annie: Word on the street claims you may be addicted to tea, panko, and have an extremely specific way of eating pork. Please share with your readers a bit about these rumors. True? Untrue? And what is the pork-eating process we’ve heard whispers about?

Selena Illyria: True on the tea. Untrue on the panko and pork. *Shakes head* I have no clue how these rumors get started. Oh, sorry, I hear the phone ring. Gotta go. Sorry. *Se runs away*

Annie: Wait! Come back, I have one last question. I’m thinking about deep, dark writer secrets again. Anything else you’d like to share?

Selena Illyria: Nothing. *Bats eyes and locks closet door*

Roman by Selena Illyria


Fallen Lovers: Roman by Selena Illyria

Erotic Paranormal Romance/Interracial


Can a mere woman heal a fallen angel’s wounds?

Author Tristina Deveroux has been dreaming of a man—a tall, dark, sexy man whose nightly visits bring her to a fever pitch. But come morning, she always awakens agitated and unsatisfied—and alone. When her agent suggests a writer’s getaway in Scotland, Tristina can’t resist the chance to gain a little distance, hoping a change of scene will help her escape the dreams and get her mind back into her latest book.

But when she receives a passionate letter from a mysterious Scot, she can’t resist the urge to meet him. Can love triumph and heal them both from past hurts? Or will the clash of fantasy and reality bring the past back to haunt them?

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