Interview with Christy Gissendaner

I’m pleased to present a new author interview with Christy Gissendaner. Her book In Too Deep is a hot romance that stars one of our favorite types of paranormal creatures: werewolves!


Hi Christy, thanks for joining us today. What is it about werewolves in paranormal romances that you think readers adore so much?

In reality, it seems odd. Doesn’t it? I mean, who really wants a hairy lover who turns into a literal beast? Personally I’ve always gravitated toward werewolves based on the cinematic portrayal. Just think of all the sexy leading men who’ve stepped into the furry shoes. Joe Manganiello, David Naughton, Taylor Lautner. Then there’s the natural dark factor of the werewolf legend itself. As a child, American Werewolf in London scared the pants off me! Even though, I thought the main actor was pretty darn cute (David Naughton reference). Appears I’ve always had a “thing” for hairy men. When it comes to books, especially romance, I think it’s the passion of the beast that lies right beneath the surface of the hero, a demon the hero has to fight to control his dark side.

Tell us a little about how Drake–who has always kept his distance from Emma, his sister’s friend–gives in to the desire he’s always felt, but has always kept in check.

Drake Randolph is the alpha of the Secret Society of Savannah Lycanthropes. He was young when he earned the title and his parents’ fortune. With three younger siblings to keep in check, he wasn’t given a chance to experience life outside the realm of his responsibilities. Emma, his sister’s best friend, is a sweet mortal that has always caught his eye, but Drake knows she’s too innocent to draw into his world. Especially since the Society demands that he marry a strong female wolf. The most likely candidate is his beta, Celeste, but he can’t fight his feelings for Emma. When they are thrown in the same beachside mansion for his sister’s wedding, Drake can’t fight his desire any longer.

It was fun to watch as these characters came together. The ocean is featured within In Too Deep, and Drake’s and Emma’s first hot moment is wet for sure! I have a fondness for friends-to-lovers tales, especially when one of the characters are friends with the other character’s siblings. It’s an interesting dynamic between all of the characters in the book, and I look forward to sharing more of the Randolphs soon!

Are there specific challenges that writers face as opposed to other artists?

I would say yes, definitely. A painter, for example, could always toss paint on a canvas, even if it’s crap. (Most times masterpieces look like tossed paint to me, any way!) A musician could always strum a guitar or bang on drums. But when a writer hits a block, there is no creative process. I guess technically you could type some nonsense words on the page, but it wouldn’t resemble anything. An off-key note or thrown paint can still be mistaken for genius.

Writer’s block—real or hype?

Real, real, real, real, real. Did I say real? I used to struggle big time with writer’s block. My writing time is limited, so one road block can throw me off track for weeks. But what I do if I get stuck now is simply end the scene, go ahead with the manuscript, and then come back to fill in the shortened scene. You’d be amazed how much it helps if you’ve written yourself into a corner!

Do you prefer to extensively plot your stories, or do you write them as they come to you?

I’m a pantser when it comes to writing, which is totally weird because I’m Type A at the day job (and in real life) almost to the point of being OCD. I write a blurb (yes, the blurb comes first) and that’s sorta the outline I follow when I sit down to begin a new tale.

Do you listen to music when you write? Does music ever influence your writing?
Trust me, when you have three boys under the age of seven, you will do whatever you can to have “quiet” time to write. My quiet time consists of plugging in headphones to my desktop, sometimes just to muffle the noise, and other times I actually do listen to music. I shuffle my playlist according to the mood of the scene I’m writing. It helps me set the mood.

What songs or types of music did you listen to while writing In Too Deep?

Don’t laugh, but Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball was on repeat while I wrote In Too Deep. I also listened to Bruno Mars’s Gorilla during the hot scenes. Love me some Bruno!

Writers often discuss the things they love about writing, but what is it about writing that you most detest?

My butt going numb from sitting in a chair all day. No, I’m serious! It’s a real problem for me.


Thanks again for stopping by, Christy! Readers can discover more about Christy Gissendanner here:

InTooDeep_ByChristyGissendaner-200x300In Too Deep
Christy Gissendaner
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Word Count: 56,106
Page Count: 274
Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-940223-94-0
Release Date: 4/4/2014

He’ll risk everything for the love of one human.

Agreeing to be her good friend’s bridesmaid, Emma Anderson jets off to Tybee Island for the wedding. Her dress is perfect and her shoes are adorable, but her friend’s elegant beachside home hides an ancient secret…one that threatens to expose a secret society of werewolves.

Drake Randolph has watched his sister’s friend grow into a ravishing woman, but he’s always kept his distance. As the heir to the Randolph fortune and the alpha of the Secret Society of Savannah Lycanthropes, Drake cannot afford to draw the innocent little brunette into the dangerous lycan world.

Passion between them soon blazes hotter than the Georgia summer. But when the wrong woman is kidnapped to prevent the wedding of a lycan to a mortal, Drake must risk everything to save Emma from the ones who will see the downfall of all he holds dear.

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