Cover Artist Opportunities

We’re growing! Etopia Press is looking for a couple of exceptional, experienced cover artists to add to our freelance team. We’re looking for artists with:

  • Experience working for a publisher

  • A strong portfolio of erotic, mainstream, or gay romance covers, particularly those which have been strong sellers

  • An understanding of:

    * the various romance genre conventions and how to portray them on a cover

    * the various heat levels in erotic and mainstream romance and how to portray them on a cover

    * how to convey mood and tone

    * what types of heroes are appropriate for various romance genres (and which are turn-offs)

  • Strong skills in composition, color, and in particular, typography

  • Strong Photoshop skills

  • An understanding of the needs of both print and digital art (with respect to color, resolution, bleed, etc) and the difference between the two

  • Experience in preparing print wraps to printer specifications

  • Knowledge of what covers are out there and what stock art has been used to death

  • Experience designing web graphics and ads is a plus

Please send an email listing:

  • a summary of your experience

  • a list of any publishers you have worked for or currently work for

  • the amount of work you’re currently looking for (number of covers per month)

  • your approximate turn-around time from assignment to mock-up

  • your rates for both front covers and print wraps

Please send your email to Shelly Scafani at production (at) etopia – press (dot) net We look forward to adding you to our team!

About etopiapress

Etopia Press is an electronic publishing house dedicated to readers and authors. We're looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there -- and we know they're out there. By taking advantage of emerging electronic markets and media, as well as existing online and print opportunities, we can provide readers with a wider variety of books and ideas, and give authors an opportunity to get the best editing and cover art in the business. The only requirement: the book has to be good. Good plots, interesting characters, engaging conflicts, well-crafted prose. Write a good book, and people will want to read it.
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