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TheVendetta_ByKeciaAdams_200x300The Vendetta
Kecia Adams

A missing painting, a family legacy, a blood oath of vengeance…

Italian businessman Nick Carnavale has spent his life seeking revenge for his father’s murder. So when an old woman—with an agenda of her own and access to a rare painting—contacts him with a proposal, he jumps at the chance to launch his plans for vengeance, no matter the cost.

Ski-town barista Lisa Schumacher meets sexy NIck when she serves him espresso in the small art gallery-café where she works. Intrigued by her unusual customer, and ignorant of Nick’s connection with her grandmother, Lisa shares dinner and a heart-stopping kiss with him.

Spurred by temptation and an unexpected invitation, Lisa takes up Nick’s challenge to follow him to Rome and reunite with her one remaining family member. But when Lisa’s grandmother unexpectedly dies, and her will dictates a marriage-of-convenience to Nick, Lisa must weigh her family’s legacy against her dreams for her future. And as Nick draws ever closer to his revenge, they both must decide if love is stronger than the blood oath of vengeance—la vendetta.

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EverSince_ByRalphHartman200x300Ever Since
Ralph Hartman
Young Adult

It’s not about getting fixed—it’s knowing you aren’t broken.

Tony Fuller has a terrible secret. He’s running from what he’s done—a horrible thing he can never undo. Outcast and bullied, diagnosed and treated as a borderline dissociative, Tony’s life is utter chaos. But if the ancient Naztec teachings are right, he’ll have one more choice, one last chance to get it right…

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