New Releases for 2/7/2014!

ABrokenPromise_ByKylaHarmon-200x300A Broken Promise
Kyla Harmon
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency, Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel
Word Count: 83,160
Page Count: 396
Price: 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-940223-89-6
Release Date: 02/07/14

The Society wedding of her dreams turns to kidnapping, betrayal, and murder…

The country home of the Earl of Devon is a rambling limestone edifice just outside Exeter. The stately woods and meadows surrounding it contribute to its widely acclaimed warmth and charm. But when a mysterious fire destroys the family apartments, the earl, his countess, and their lovely daughter, the Lady Alexandra, are all believed dead. Mourning the loss of his fiancé, Oliver, Duke of Somerset, marries another to secure the line of succession.

Struggling with betrayal and resentment, Alexandra tries to piece together what went so very wrong in her life. Escaping from the sanatorium where she’s been kept captive for three years, she’s determined to discover who was responsible for her parents’ deaths and her confinement. But when she finds Oliver—now widowed and with a child—she realizes things have changed. And they only become darker when she learns the treachery runs deep…

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ComingHome_ByHollyKerr-200x300Coming Home
Holly Kerr
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance
Length: Long Novel
Word Count: 108,374
Page Count: 495
Price: $6.99
ISBN: 978-1-940223-88-9
Release Date: 02/07/14

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

Brenna Ebans always wanted more than what Hill n’Valley could give her, so it seemed a simple decision to follow her black-sheep sister Dory’s footsteps and leave Hill n’Valley in her rearview, hoping to locate their missing father. Leaving her sisters and her first love Seamus was harder than she thought, she’s made a life for herself in Vancouver, started her career at a prestigious law firm, and has found the man of her dreams. But when she finds her husband Toby in a compromising position at work, she loses both her love and her job, and has nowhere to go but home.

Youngest sister Cat has remained in Hill n’Valley, leaving a string of broken hearts—and ex-husbands—in her wake. She’s happy living in the family home, with the ghost of their dead mother to keep her company during the day, and her latest conquest—Brenna’s old boyfriend, Seamus—to keep her warm at night. And she’s less than thrilled to hear about Brenna’s return.

But when tragedy strikes, it brings their father back to Hill n’Valley, and the three sisters will have a lot of issues to resolve…

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