Spring Love! New Romances from Etopia Press!

When Lilacs Bloom
by Nell Du Vall
Romance/Time Travel
ISBN: 978-1-937976-26-2
Editor: Thalia S. Child
Cover: Annie Melton
Words: 104,007

Changing history won’t be easy–not even when Libby goes back in time to save the man she loves.

Libby Leverett senses nothing evil in Mohr House and refuses to believe in a murderous ghost. Her beloved home is her treasure, and she won’t entertain her fiancé’s demands that she sell the old place. Things have changed between Walter and her, and when she finds James Mohr’s letters and journals from 1842, she discovers an intelligent and sensitive man engaged to someone he doesn’t love. The more Libby learns, the more she feels James is everything she’s ever wanted–and everything that Walter is not.

But when she writes a letter to James and leaves it in one of his old books in the study, strange things happen. The letter disappears.

When Libby learns that James’s fiancée dies and her vengeful mother accuses him of killing her, Libby can’t stand to watch the horrible scene play out. If a letter reached him, maybe she can too…

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Claiming the Moon
by Loribelle Hunt
Lunar Mates Book 7
Erotic Romance/Paranormal/Werewolves
ISBN: 978-1-937976-25-5
Editor: Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Cover: Valerie Tibbs
Words: 21,655

Can Clint walk away from Ellen…before it’s too late?

Someone is stalking hunter activist Ellen Monroe. Unable to determine the stalker’s identity, Ellen’s boss insists she move into hunter headquarters until things settle down. Then he calls the last person–and the only person–Ellen wants to see.

Clint Osborn has his own dark reasons for not claiming Ellen as his mate, but when her life is endangered, he can’t trust her safety to anyone else. Unfortunately, she’s not really safe from him either. Can he eliminate the threat before he’s forced to walk away from temptation? Or is it already too late for them both?

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