Fantasy, YA, LGBT Action/Adventure, Horror releases for February

Check out these great new titles in Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBT Action/Adventure, and Horror for February 17th!

Dirge for a Necromancer
By Ash Stinson
Dark Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-937976-13-2
Words: 100,369
Pages: 419
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Art: Amanda Kelsey

There is always a cost to raising the dead…

The Magician Raettonus has been agonizing over the death of his master, Sir Slade, for centuries, studying necromancy in the hopes of bringing him to life once more. Soon after Raettonus arrives at a key defensive citadel to tutor the general’s sons, the trickster god Kimohr Raulinn comes to him, promising to bring Slade back to life. Raettonus is all too eager to make the deal. But where Kimohr Raulinn goes, suffering follows. The citadel falls under siege by foreign forces, and matters look increasingly grim for the small force of defenders. The god of death is rallying his army of steel-toothed warriors to come reclaim the resurrected knight, and deals made with devils are always poisonous…

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The Demons of Cambian Street
By Catherine Cavendish
ISBN: 978-1-937976-03-3
Words: 32,154
Pages: 148
Editor: Thalia S. Child
Cover Art: Valerie Tibbs

Sometimes evil wears a beautiful face…

After her illness, the quiet backwater of Priory St Michael seemed the ideal place for Stella to recuperate. But in the peaceful little town, something evil is slumbering, waiting for its chance to possess what it desires. When Stella and her husband move into the long-empty apartment, they’re unaware of what exists in the cupboard upstairs, the entrance to an evil that will threaten both their lives…

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The Jerk
By Michael Horton
LGBT Action/Adventure/Social Satire
ISBN: 978-1-937976-14-9
Words: 10,805
Pages: 50
Edited by Rajani Iyer
Cover Art: Mina Carter

The worst job could become one worth killing for.

JJ is a twenty-eight-year-old male whose resume consists of IT consultant, prostitute, and—most recently—assassin. After an uncomfortable encounter with a client results in the death of a secret agent, JJ finds himself taking the agent’s place at ORKA, the Organization for the Recruitment of Killers and Assassins. JJ has done plenty of things to plenty of people, but he never thought he’d kill one. Still, he’s not one to pass up a job, and working with some of Atlanta’s top assassins could be the chance of a lifetime. Could the promise of wealth and power be enough to stir the demon inside, or is JJ just one failed mission away from being replaced himself?

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The Mind’s Eye
By Paula Jones
Young Adult Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-937976-15-6
Words: 39,316
Pages 169
Editor: Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Cover Art: Annie Melton

After a car accident that killed his parents, seventeen-year-old Kyle Hays is torn between two worlds: The one of his dreams and the real one, and reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But is Kyle’s reality just a bad dream after all?

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