Romance for February 2012 from Etopia Press

Lord Devere’s Ward
By Sue Swift
ISBN: 978-1-937976-11-8
Regency Romance

His honor or his passion…

Orphaned Kate Scoville is trapped in a tower prison by her scheming uncle, who plans to wed her to his loathsome son to gain control of her fortune. Plucky and resourceful, Lady Kate escapes to London to beg help from her guardian, the elderly Earl of Devere. But once she arrives, Kate is astounded to find that the Earl has died and his son has inherited–and her new guardian cuts a very dashing figure…

Quinn, the present Earl, remembers Kate from his childhood as an awkward child he loved to tease. But his father’s ward has grown into a beautiful young woman, and when she comes to him in need, he finds his thoughts far from honorable. Duty demands he offer his protection, but their attraction is irresistible, and the temptation of the dark-haired beauty may be too much for even an honorable man to resist…

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Fire Balls
By Tara Lain
ISBN: 978-1-937976-07-1
M/M Romance, Erotic Romance

A passionate artist, a handsome firefighter, can the sex get any hotter?

Artist Rodney Mansfield is small and flamboyant…and a black belt in karate. Too bad the work of art he really wants is firefighter Hunter Fallon. The gorgeous “straight gay” guy could never want the Runtback of Notre Dame, so when Rodney’s handsome surfer friend develops an unexpected passion for the beautiful firefighter, Rodney does what’s best for everyone and helps Jerry land his man. And if that wasn’t enough to kill his chances, embarrassing Hunter by rescuing him from a firehouse bully seals the deal.

Hunter hates gay guys like Rodney…doesn’t he? Then why can’t he get his mind off the powerful pipsqueak’s face…and hands off his body? Isn’t it time for him to admit he’s not such an alpha male after all, and that he’s the property of the artist?

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Renny’s Mate
By Selena Illyria
ISBN: 978-1-937976-05-7
Paranormal Romance

One Island. One Werewolf. One week of wicked sex in the sun…

When Larissa’s given a week at her boss’s private island, she jumps at the chance for some sun, sand, and complete relaxation.

Avoiding his family’s annual get together, Renny hops a plane for his brother’s private island. But once the werewolf in hiding spots Larissa coming out of the surf–wet, nude, and irresistible–hiding is the last thing on his mind. And the last thing he expected was to find his mate. But how can a woman like her trust the black sheep of the family who’s never committed to anything in his life?

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Captured Moon
Lunar Mates Book 6
By Loribelle Hunt
ISBN: 978-1-937976-08-8
Paranormal Romance

A girl can’t outrun two hot werewolves…not when they’re her favorite sex fantasy come to life…

When her marriage ends, Abby retreats into herself to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. She’s found satisfaction and some success writing stories about her favorite secret fantasies–those involving two real-life werewolf twins, Rule and Lawe. She’s happy. Mostly. But who wouldn’t welcome a little fun now and then?

When her friends talk her into participating in a local charity auction, the line between fantasy and reality blurs as Rule and Lawe make their moves. Being pursued by two hot werewolves should have been a dream come true, but it threatens her new independence and takes her back to a time and place she’d rather forget. Abby fears things are spinning out of control with this fantasy, because in reality, a true mate is forever…

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The Drunkard’s Path
By Sylvia Madsen
ISBN: 978-1-937976-12-5
Romance, Romantic Comedy

Cameo Muldoon is an independent single mom with a busy life and no use for dreamers. Managing her family’s organic farm in Northern California and raising a young boy leaves her little time for a personal life, but she manages to steal time to sew beautiful handmade quilts and talk to her pet rabbit, Attila the Bun.

Reporter Call Sanchez’s idea of a wilderness experience is dining al fresco. But after a story gone bad, he’s lucky to have a job. He’s more than happy to take his next assignment: a feature on Mad Jack’s Wilderness Experience in the beautiful, old-growth forest of Northern California. But soon the reports of pot farms, bear attacks, and alien abductions make his investigative antennae twitch, and he suspects the truth is more sinister than local legends and tall tales. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for the lovely Cameo Muldoon, with her organic farming and carrot cake.

And neither of them expects the trouble that’s come to the quiet little town of Nugget…

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Last Friday Night
By Brien Michaels
ISBN: 978-1-937976-09-5
M/M Horror, M/M Erotic Romance

Coming out might be the only way to save the ones you love…

Jessie Nalick used to be married, until his wife left him for another man. But things are looking up–he’s moved to a new place and his new house is almost finished. But when one of the men on the construction site calls him in a panic, something deadly is unleashed.

Tyler Mack is with a different woman night after night, secretly longing for the one who will make him feel something besides soul-crushing emptiness. He’s so straight he’s nearly homophobic, until he’s forced to confront some very uneasy feelings–and other things–that grow between him Jessie as they’re kidnapped and forced to do the unthinkable.

With a kidnapper threatening the lives of their loved ones, the time for self-delusion is over. Tyler must face the one thing he’d rather die than do…but the thought of Jessie so close, so hard, makes him willing to take the chance…

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By Romaine Mahler
ISBN: 978-1-937976-10-1

The evolution of a love angel…

Shy university student Bluestocking is fascinated by the wild and sexy Kali, the “little goddess” she meets one winter at Trinity College in Dublin. Kali leads Bluestocking into riotous adventures–posing nude for an art class, scandal and love in New York, tantric sex in a chateau in France, and finally to a world of fairies and pixies in search of the goddess Venus.

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