Meet Author Tori McCalin…

Today we’re talking with Tori McCalin, author of the very spicy erotic romance Corsets and Crimson Cheeks.

Annie: Thanks for being with us today, Tori. Lets jump right in. What kind of stories or characters are you most interested in telling or appeal to you most?

Tori McCalin: Quite a broad range of stories and characters appeal to me, but I’d have to say I like sensitive men. Actually, I like heroes who are still strong and even somewhat macho, but who show their vulnerabilities to only a few special people (the heroine usually), like Sealy Booth on Bones- Julian, from my book Corsets and Crimson Cheeks, sort of fits into that role for me. I think I have a crush on Julian. 😉

As for what type of stories appeal the most? I tend to like contemporary erotic romance, a story with a little mystery and a lot of good times.

Annie: How long have you been writing, and what do you love/hate most about it?

Tori McCalin: I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, truly. I’ve always jotted down plots, it just took me a while to learn how to get them published and read by those other than myself. What I hate most about writing is the reviews. Either good or bad. I tend not to look at them anymore. They can be goal destroying.

Annie: Do you prefer to plot out your stories before writing, or to seat-of-the-pants it?

Tori McCalin: I can’t really help but seat-of-the-pants-it, though… I do hammer out the plot to get the burrs off it as best I can.

Annie: Do you have a time of day or place you prefer to write?

Tori McCalin: Middle of the afternoon would be ideal because my mind is working at full steam then, but really anytime is good.

Annie: Tell us a little about Corsets and Crimson Cheeks.

Tori McCalin: Corsets and Crimson Cheeks is a saucy little story that popped into my imagination a few years ago. I think it started with the steamy scene in the photoshoot and I teased it apart until my character’s back-story developed. At first I thought it would be two stories but you never really know what is going to happen between the characters until they say it’s written.

 Annie: Thanks again Tori. Here’s the cover and the blurb!


Who knew pink was her color?

This is Jeanette’s big break—posing as a submissive for Maude La Roma fetish wear for the cover of a top fashion magazine. When she learns she’s partnered with her long time crush, male model Dallas Martinez, she nearly loses her cool. But much to her surprise, it isn’t Dallas that makes her heart race—it’s big-time photographer Julian Hawthorne. Everyone has a horror story about the man: he’s a tyrant and an ogre and a perfectionist. But a photo shoot with Julian Hawthorne could make a model’s career—unless the model completely screwed it up…

Julian was tired of models who wanted to impress him. They only needed him for one thing—their career. But Julian had needs of his own, and right now, he needed a miracle if he was going to save this photo shoot. The female model was clearly not fetish material, the male was shaking like a schoolboy at the thought of touching her, and the makeup artists had rouged the model’s bottom like a baboon. No one would believe the fantasy of this spanking scene, least of all Maude La Roma… until the model sat up and asked to be spanked…for real…

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