Author Debra Kayn on Pets… and Where There’s Smoke


If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know they can do some pretty crazy things. If you know a pet owner, you know they are even more…oh what shall I call us? Special?

I’m not talking about painting your St. Bernard’s toenails pink. *whistles innocently* Or even crocheting a little red and green scarf to put around the goose’s neck to include her in your family Christmas picture. *clears throat* There are times when you catch yourself holding a puppy and humming a lullaby, and talking baby gibberish to the fluffiest two-week old kitten you ever held. Animals do something to normal people, turning them into powerless caretakers ready to do anything for their pet.

In Where There’s Smoke, Amber Bailey is one of those special people. She puts her own life on the line for the animals entrusted into her care. Why? It’s simple. She loves animals.

And like Amber, I have done some pretty silly things for those animals. I’ve gone out every 2 hours for a couple weeks in a row to bottle feed baby goats without complaining. Did you know their cry sounds like “maamaa,” and tugs at my heartstrings? I’ve cried tears of joy watching one of the pregnant barn cats crawl into my daughter’s lap and have five kittens. I’ve sniffled and wiped my cheeks after leaving a dog at the veterinarian’s to be spayed, wondering the whole time why I was crying, and it wasn’t like I wasn’t coming back to pick her up and take her home.

All those emotions flowing out of me, and what do I get in return? *glances under desk and smiles at the dog lying on my feet* Unconditional love.

Amber Bailey and Chief Gregg McKee learn about unconditional love in Where There’s Smoke with a little help from Buster, the Irish setter. You won’t want to miss out on how one energetic dog can control the humans in his life.

Do you have a pet that has you tied around their little paw? Or, maybe a cat who has claimed your lap as her favorite place?


Debra Kayn’s contemporary romance Where There’s Smoke is available now!

  Where There's Smoke by Abby Wood

One hot fireman, one bossy Irish Setter…one woman whose dreams are about to come true…


When Amber Bailey inherits her estranged aunt’s old house, she’s sure it’ll be the perfect spot to open her pet daycare business and settle into a life her family will finally approve of. What she doesn’t count on is the cold shoulder she gets from her neighbors whenever she mentions her aunt’s name, or having to get a safety inspection on the old house before she can get a business license. Whoever heard of building inspections for a glorified dog house?

Gregg McKee runs his life the same way he runs the fire department…full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. He didn’t even mind the angry calls from the neighbors about the crazy animal lady stuck in the tree—pulling her out gave him the perfect excuse to turn on the charm. But when she doesn’t follow through on fixing a code violation he issued, he realizes he might lose her forever. What’s he supposed to do with a woman too stubborn and independent for her own good?

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7 Responses to Author Debra Kayn on Pets… and Where There’s Smoke

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  2. This sounds like such a cute story. Having 2 dogs (big and medium sized) and 2 cats, you could say I’m an animal lover. So stories with pets always appeal to me. I’ll have to recommend your story to a friend of mine who has talked to me about opening her own shelter. She would love this.

  3. Annie Melton says:

    It is a cute story. And it has a yummy hero, too. 🙂

  4. Debra Kayn says:

    Thanks Julie! I enjoy writing about animals. They have unique personalities just like people, and I think readers will love Buster…and Cleo…and Ditto. lol In fact, they wanted to star in the book, so I added an alpha hero to make sure he could demand center stage. 😉

  5. You two have convinced me, so I just got it.
    A warm-hearted hot story for a cold winter’s night.

  6. Debra Kayn says:

    Thanks Julie! Happy reading!

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