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More Etopia Press Cover Art…

… for Roman, Book One of the Fallen Lovers series by Selena Illyria, by Amanda Kelsey.     Sigh. 🙂 Tomorrow, meet Selena and found out her big addiction. Other than fallen angels, that is. ♥

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Meet Cassidy Hunter…

…and learn more about her upcoming release, Strange Familiar Annie: What inspired Strange Familiar?  Cassidy: Honestly? I saw a colorful illustration of a cute little blonde witch, broom and all, on someone’s profile on Facebook. That’s all it took. I … Continue reading

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Meet Author Keith Melton…

…and learn more about his upcoming release, 9mm Blues Annie: Welcome, Keith. First thing I must ask: will you share your Halloween candy? Keith: Sorry, no. I “earned” my candy from my kids fair and square with a type of … Continue reading

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