More Etopia Press Cover Art…

… for Roman, Book One of the Fallen Lovers series by Selena Illyria, by Amanda Kelsey.


Roman by Selena Illyria


Sigh. 🙂

Tomorrow, meet Selena and found out her big addiction. Other than fallen angels, that is.

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29 Responses to More Etopia Press Cover Art…

  1. Rhian Cahill says:

    Gorgeous cover! Great job Amanda and congrats to Selena.

  2. Wow Selena you are so lucky..Another amazing cover…

  3. Diana says:

    WWWEEEEEEEEE!!!! I (h) the Amanda, and I loved this story!! (Crit partner priveliges, y’all!) Trust me, it is a sexilicious read. 😉

  4. Bree Archer says:

    oooh, I really like the graffiti wings drawn on the wall, clever!… and I suppose the abs don’t hurt to look at either:)

  5. SQUEEEEEE! I heart this cover so much and I adore the Amanda. I can’t stop grinning.

  6. Cynnara says:

    *grins* You know, I know about her addictions, the question is– which one are they going to expose? But I have to admit, NICE cover!

  7. Cynnie! Don’t you dare tell anyone anything! *Shoves chocy Cynnie’s way*

  8. Cynnara says:

    *snickers* Chocolate? Hmmm this will keep me quiet until tomorrow…but beyond then— who knows……..Have you heard about Se’s addiction to a certain substance of the leave variety?

  9. *Blinks* What? Tea? You have an addiction too. :-p

  10. Cynnara says:

    Not like you. Nope. *grins* Then there’s Xer’s piccie collection you’re addicted to. Oh, then there’s the bikes. Shall we get into the other stuff?

  11. Don’t say anymore! *Pushes books toward Cynnie* That should hold you for a week. LOL

  12. Cynnara says:

    ROTFLMAO. Yes, a week might work. After that–you might want to ask yourself– how well does Cynnie know me. What more does she have up her sleeves? *points to list of Se’s addictions beginning with A and ending with Z*

  13. Are you blackmailing me?
    *raises eyebrow*
    You do want that new cookbook don’t you?

  14. Cynnara says:

    Umm yes. And I want that other one too. LOL A is for the shopping Addict she’s become, B is for the Bread she loves to eat….

  15. Look Cynnie, there’s Captain Jack over there and he’s doing a strip tease!

  16. Cynnara says:

    *grabs the Capt. Jack* C is for the Chocolate that she eats every day. D is for the devious deeds she comes up with and makes us all participate in….E is for the eating that she loves to do. (Ask her about her favourite way to eat pork. There’s a process. Really.)

  17. WHAT?!?

    Cynnie! Do you really want those cookbooks?

  18. etopiapress says:

    Muahaha… just wait til you hear all Selena’s deepest darkest secrets. I’ll be using all my impressive interviewing skills (*snort!*) to dig reeeeeally deep. She may even tell us what’s making all those banging noises in the closet 🙂

    Annie 🙂

  19. Cynnara says:

    *snickers* What? All I need to say is this— you and the panko. That’s all.

  20. I haven’t used panko yet.

    Wait, I know what you all are thinking. Stop that! It’s not naughty at all!

    *zips lips* I don’t know what you’re talking about Annie. LOL

  21. Cynnara says:

    *snickers* It’s sad that we do know, Se. We know just how twisted you are. Thing is, you claim that you’re oh so innocent, but I’ve seen the collection of toys you’ve got! *grins*

  22. What toys? What are you talking about? Have you been spying on me?

  23. Georgia Woods says:

    This one’s just gorgeous, Se – congrats!

  24. Robin S says:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous Se!!!

  25. I’m so excited about this cover.
    Thank you Georgia and Thank you Robin. 🙂

    Yeah, Annie, I thought C was for cookie. LOL

  26. I love this cover! It’s beautiful 🙂

  27. Thank You Cassidy. Amanda did an amazing job. I want a freakin’ poster of it. LOL

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