Meet Abby Wood…

…and learn more about her new short story, “G-Man and Handcuffs.”

Annie: How did you come up with the idea for the Alpha Agents series?

Abby: A few things happened. I wanted to share my love of the outdoors. I also wanted to build a thrown together family that people would fall in love with and be able to come back and visit with each book. And lastly, the Alpha Agents whispered in my ear and told me to give them lots of sex, especially outdoor sex, but let them carry their guns and make the stories suspenseful. I learned quickly to listen to the G-men. 😉

Annie: Wait…I thought with the title having the word handcuffs in it, it would be about handcuffs. Now you’re talking about outdoor sex. Which is it? 

Abby: It’s both, and a whole lot more! *giggles* 

Annie: Tease. J You’re a really prolific writer. What’s the process like for you? Do you just sit down to a blank screen and… poof! Out comes these great ideas? Or do they come at other times and you have to keep notes to remember them all?  

Abby: I see dead people…wait! That’s a movie. I just have ideas pop into my head and I run with them. Sometimes it’s a character that will show up first, and other times it’s a subject. Finding Eternal Peace, which will be coming out at Etopia Press, came from remembering my encounter of sitting next to a Rajneesh cult member on an airplane when I was young. That night I sat down and started typing. 

Annie: Guess that means you’re a pantser and not a plotter? I.e. writing from the seat of your pants instead of carefully plotting and outlining before you start to write? 

Abby: Yep! I’ve tried it both ways and I’m just not a plotter. Thinking too hard on a story and planning it out makes everything slow down to a snail’s pace for me. I like to rush out a story as it comes to me, and worry about cleanup when I’m done. *Quick, Bounty cleanup on aisle 14* 

Annie: So before you get off on another story idea…tell us a little about Jolene and Tony, the stars in G-man and Handcuffs. 

Abby: Sure! Jolene lives in a cabin in the Gifford Forest and runs a fishing charter company. In fact, that’s how she met Tony and the rest of the FBI agents. The alpha agents paid her to take them fishing for a week for some R & R. Tony happened to catch more than fish and some extra sleep–he caught Jolene. Her cabin became the “home away from home” for the alphas when they weren’t out saving the world. But we all know that FBI agents never really stop working, even when they are playing, and…scary things can happen anywhere.

Annie: Oooh… creepy. So there are three Alpha Agents short stories in all, correct? What happens in the other two stories? 

Abby: In the 2nd book, Witness Bares All, Agent Donovan always plays by the book, until the FBI asks him to guard one sexy woman in the witness protection program… but it’s hard to keep her safe when she’s always naked. 😉 

In the 3rd book, Steel and Hardness, Agent Bryce and Agent Taylor are a bundle of steel and hardness, and they both—ahem—belong to Pauline, who loves wild sex while tubin’ down the river or under the moon. Until she goes missing… 

Annie: And you’re going to just leave us hanging? At least tell us what’s on the radar. What new ideas are swimming around that are going to make it into your next books? 

Abby: I’ve had cowboys buzzing in my ears lately. I have to say the experience is sort of…pleasant. I might have to dig out my twang, buy a new pair of boots, and see what I come up with. Yeehaw! 

Annie: *snort* Like you need more boots–I’ve read your blog! How about an excerpt? 

G-Man and Handcuffs-Alpha Agents 1- by Abby Wood

G-Man and Handcuffs

First in the Alpha Agents Short Story Series, by Abby Wood

“Hey Tony!” Jolene’s heartbeat accelerated and she waved her arms above her head. Keeping one arm in the air, she leaned over the side of the boat and paddled the water with her other hand. Last week, he’d told her he wouldn’t arrive until tonight, but after the scare with Kevin she was glad to see him.

Tony threw his fishing pole toward the bank and walked out deeper into the water. Bare-chested and bronzed by the sun, Tony resembled a modern-day hero waiting to rescue the heroine in peril. He dove beneath the water’s surface and reappeared in the middle of the stream, directly in her path. She tossed him the rope tied to the front of the boat and smiled when he caught it. His head bobbed on the water as he tied the end around his waist.

A few seconds later, he shook his head to get the water out of his eyes, grinned, and swam toward the shore. His buff arms sliced through the water, and she couldn’t help admiring the way his back muscles rippled with his movements. He kept his dark hair on the shorter side, and it allowed her to catch a peak of his badge number tattooed on the back of his right shoulder.

Swimming a few more yards, she was able to touch ground, and walked the rest of the way to his side. “Thank you.” She threw her arms around him and laid her head against his chest. “I thought I’d have to float on by the cabin to the ranger station.”  She stretched up and gave him a kiss. “Mm…I’ve missed you. I didn’t think you were coming until tonight.”

“I closed the case early.” He pulled in the raft and dragged it up onto the rocks on shore. Throwing the rope down, he cocked his head. “What’s going on here? Did you tip over?” His gaze lowered to her shirt. “Jesus. Are you alright?” He moved over and pulled her torn shirt off her chest. “You’re bleeding.”

Peering down, she noticed the scratch marks between her breasts. She raised her brows. No wonder her chest had stung so much. “I had a trip scheduled today. Some guy named Kevin…” She fluttered her hand. “He had more in mind than fishing and didn’t like when I told him if he didn’t stop, he could walk back to the starting point.”

“He got physical with you?” Tony moved over to his pile of clothes, dressed, and picked up the pistol he always carried. “How long ago?”

She hurried over the uneven rocks. “I don’t know. Maybe an hour.”

“Let’s go.” He turned and headed toward the path leading to the cabin.

“Where are we going?” She hitched her thumb over her shoulder. “I shouldn’t leave the boat out here.”

“I’ll get it later. I’m going after the guy, and you’re going with me.” He pulled his cell out of his pocket, checked the signal, and put the useless phone back in his jeans. “I don’t want to leave you out here by yourself and –”

“Hang on.” She pulled on his arm and he stopped. “I’m not hurt, and I still have all my supplies.” Shaking her head, she snorted. “He’s just a loser. I doubt if he’ll ever show his face around here again.”

Tony stared her down.

She winked. “Come on, this is our time. It’s hard enough going so long between seeing each other, I don’t want to waste it on someone like that creep.”

“It’s not safe for a woman alone out here. I need to set you up with a satellite phone at the least.

She laughed. “I’ve lived in the cabin for six years, and before that, this might as well have been my backyard growing up. I’m perfectly fine here.” She led him the rest of the way to the cabin. “Besides, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Instead of leading him inside, she giggled and ran around the side of the house, giving him no choice but to follow. After he’d left last weekend, she’d rummaged through the spare bedroom and found the old rope hammock she’d bought years ago. It’d taken two days to hang the blasted thing, but she couldn’t wait to try it out.

Stopping in front of her new toy, she pulled her wet shirt off and slipped out of her cutoffs. She placed her hands on her hips and waited for Tony to follow suit.

“What are we doing?” He set his pistol down on his sneakers and proceeded to strip down.

“We’re having sex on the hammock.” Jolene sat down on the edge of the rope swing and stretched out. “It’ll be fun.”

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