Etopia Press’s New Cover Art by Amanda Kelsey

We’re thrilled to show you our first piece of Etopia Press cover art! Take a look at this gorgeous cover by the amazingly talented Amanda Kelsey… 

We’ve put together a stunning lineup of some of best artists out there, and we’ll be introducing them over the coming days as we showcase their work and the books and authors and editors that will bringing you these terrific books come December!

Here’s a little bit about Amanda.

Amanda Kesey, Etopia Press Cover ArtistAmanda Kelsey

Amanda is a creative spirit with a strong foundation in traditional art, including acrylic painting and photography. She is highly motivated and versatile, adept at photo collage & manipulation with exceptional interpersonal skills. She has a strong visual imagination and artistic eye and understands how the flow and composition of a piece can influence people is subtle ways.

Her primary goal is to create works of art that are both appropriate and beautiful, meshing the needs of her clients with the desires of their audience. Her sense of balance within a piece is matched only by her affinity for color. She has been in the publishing & cover art business over three years. In that time she has created over three-hundred covers.

Though originally from Upstate New York, she has been wandering Europe with her companion for over 7 years, soaking in the culture and inspiration she sees every day.



Tomorrow, we’ll talk to David Bridger, the author of The Weaverfields Heir, and about this terrific book. Then on Friday, we’ll show you another awesome cover, and another of our awesome artists, and meet another of our launch authors…

In the mean time, let us know what you think!

About etopiapress

Etopia Press is an electronic publishing house dedicated to readers and authors. We're looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there -- and we know they're out there. By taking advantage of emerging electronic markets and media, as well as existing online and print opportunities, we can provide readers with a wider variety of books and ideas, and give authors an opportunity to get the best editing and cover art in the business. The only requirement: the book has to be good. Good plots, interesting characters, engaging conflicts, well-crafted prose. Write a good book, and people will want to read it.
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14 Responses to Etopia Press’s New Cover Art by Amanda Kelsey

  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors. Great job, Amanda! 🙂

  2. Steve Emmett says:

    The Cover for Weaverfield’s Heir is stunning! Annie you must be so proud. And as for David Bridger – he won’t even get into the shower today because he will just sit in front of his computer staring at that image. Well done to all concerned. Can’t wait to see Diavolino now. Heck, more sleepless nights.

  3. Diana says:

    Beautiful and haunting. 🙂 Love the Amanda. I’m sure David is thrilled.

  4. Abby Wood says:

    Beautiful cover, Amanda! Congratulations David!

  5. Debra Kayn says:

    Gorgeous cover! Can’t wait to see all the others. 🙂

  6. Congrats David! Gorgeous cover! The Amanda is awesome.

  7. Keith Melton says:

    A beautiful cover. Love the colors. Great work Amanda.

    I’d tell you in person how awesome you are, but you’re running around Europe at the moment. Lucky devil! 😉

  8. This is why I love Amanda Kelsey.

    I’ve never met a Kelsey cover I didn’t like. 😀

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  10. I’m thrilled to bits with this beautiful cover! Thank you, Amanda! You’re a magician!

  11. Amanda says:


  12. Fiona Vance says:

    *plays the Snoopy Music and dances along!*

    Woohoo! I can’t wait to see mine!

  13. Bree Archer says:

    I really like the effect in the background, it gives the house a watercolor/sketchy feel. Beautiful!

  14. Wow what an amazing cover. I love it…

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